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    Y81 side push package machine
    The Y81 products squeeze metal scrap (offcuts, shavings, steel scrap, aluminium scrap, copper scrap, stainless steel scrap, waste cars, etc.)..

    EC-attestation certificate of machine safety0000

Company Profile

  Jiangyin Reiken Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the economic prosperity, excellent investment environment Jiangnan city - Jiangyin City. Here a beautiful environment and pleasant weather, south of Shanghai, Nanjing West Link located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai, Xicheng, Nanjing, even as one along the highway, north of the Yangtze golden waterway, traffic, transportation is very convenient. Ruiken hydraulic machinery company is the main production enterprises, professional design and production experience. The company operating the hydraulic machinery varieties: baler, hydraulic baler, metal baler, textile baler, fiber baler, waste paper baler, non-metal baler, stainless steel balers, briquetting machine, cotton balers, plastic packaging machine...